Why Castleview

Value Proposition

We’ve invested a significant amount of time and energy into structuring our firm to be unique and better. So what makes Castleview different?


The “traditional” financial services model was built around generating a large volume transactions, which means if the advisor doesn’t sell you something, he or she doesn’t get paid. Instead, we focus on the relationship and building trust with our clients through transparent conflict-free advice so you can rest assured our advice is intended to in your best interests. We take an interest in your entire family, including your children, grandchildren, and parents.


From the very beginning of a new client relationship, the planning comes first. It is a process of shared understanding about how one’s goals translate into meaningful action steps. Decisions are made based on thorough analysis and not market cycles. Investment risk is assessed using objective criteria and not limited to responses on an intake form. For planning to be meaningful, we need to fully understand not only your financial situation but also your family and personal objectives and goals.


Castleview looks at wealth management from a team perspective. Every client is assigned a team of professionals that all work together to make sure every client’s financial, investment, tax, and estate planning needs are continually addressed and each component of the plan is coordinated across disciplines, working in tandem with other trusted team members including an estate planner and a CPA.


Castleview employs a business model that is intentionally designed to bring together multiple disciplines. Financial planning is too often carried out by people from separate professions – CPAs, lawyers, stock brokers and insurance agents. The end result is that no one looks at the big picture. Our clients look to us as the center point for all their important financial and investment matters. When complicated aspects of our financial lives are coordinated into a single, organized plan, there is peace of mind.


Financial planning is not only about investments in marketable securities, it may include advice on the development of a business strategy for entrepreneurs whether developing, purchasing, or disposing of an equity interest. With these forms of financial transactions there will be tax and potential estate valuation consequences. Financial planning might also include alternative assets such as directly held real estate and when to acquire, dispose or exchange. Our advice extends to your overall comprehensive financial position.


We are passionate about learning and are committed to being true experts in our field. Our people spend countless hours a year attending conferences across the country to hear the best practices and top experts in our industry. Professional development and ongoing education are part of our DNA!